R. Gleason Finishing is a custom finishing shop that specializes in high-end clear wood & pigmented coatings on various substrates. Our market niche is supportive of architects, designers as well as wholesale manufacturers of casework, millwork, and panel systems.

Our services include various types of applications and modes on varying substrates.  Samples of different finishes available are:

  • Clear coating in waterborne for LBC & LEEDs
  • Acrylic Polyurethane pigmented/clears
  • 2K Polyurethane pigmented/clears
  • Fuming
  • Blackening of steel and other ferrous & non-ferrous metal
  • Blackening of cherry-fir
  • Fire proofing for Class 1A rating: clear
  • Polyester & Hi-gloss polishing
  • Bleaching wood
  • Matching Anodized colors in plural components
  • Various washes in different acids and compounds